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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Voter Fraud? Of Course Not!

While watching the Democratic caucus in Nevada today, the thought came to mind that it looked like the election of a third world country. What has this nation come to? Where is the dignity of a Reagan, a Kennedy, an Eisenhower, a Carter?

They needed interpreters to understand what was going on! Does that give you a clue as to what is coming in our election? To become a citizen one must learn English! This election will be nothing but a sham paid for by the taxpayers of the USA for the benefit of the government of Mexico.


I thought at one time that I would always live in the greatest nation on earth. If the people in this country don't take hold of this country and these politicians I will still be alive to see the fall of the USA. That is a sad thought. Even sadder is the thought that what we knew as the USA will not be here for our children.


  1. I have no idea what you mean about interpreters, not having paid one moment's attention to politics as usual in Nevada. Are you referring to commentators interpreting the politicians' remarks, or interpreting foreign languages?

    PS: Were you photographed under flourescent lighting, or should you be ingesting more beta carotene?

  2. PS: If you want to talk about voter fraud, do some research on Florida over the last two elections. Start with Ms Harris. We will always be pissed off about that, and I will NEVER vote for a Republican because after the last 8years we have had to put up with their "best." George Dubya Bush is a sly, sneaky, election robbing IMBECILE!

  3. The interpreters I referred to were for the non-English speaking delegates at the Democratic caucuses.