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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just My $.02 on the Election

Obama is a brilliant orator. He is a master of the teleprompter. He is a gifted politician. He could be a great leader, BUT NOT HERE! He lacks experience and judgement. He has yet a lot of questions to be answered regarding who he really is. His wife is a liability. 

Clinton is a good politician. She is smart. She is a good leader. She is vicious. She cannot be trusted. Her husband is brilliant, but can not be counted on to always say the right thing. He is not trustworthy. 

McCain is a war hero. He is a good leader. His wife is an asset to him but not to the country.He could be a good President IF he were a bit more in touch with reality. He is old. 

SUMMARY: Our next President should not be any of the above. An ideal ticket would be T.Boone Pickens and either Ron Paul, John Edwards, or Mike Huckabee. Pickens is the only man who has come up with a viable energy plan. He should be drafted to run. Do the people run the country or are we just sheeple to our politicians?