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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just WHO is behind the What

Just read an interesting treatise called, “The End of Money…”

In the article the author, Richard C. Cook, provides insight into a work by another author by the name of Thomas Greco. Mr. Cook and Mr. Greco decry the "global bankers" and refer to the 'Founding Fathers' and their "fight" against the International Bankers. They point to Ron Paul and his efforts to bring out the flaws in the current the monetary system and the evils of the Federal Reserve.

With these references and denunciations it seems that these men, the authors, hold beliefs similar to those of many of today's conservative Americans who are calling for monetary responsibility and fiscal restraint. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

My point here is not to review the article itself but to point out what each person should do when encountering anything or anyone who is advocating ANY position. One must check out the background or histories of the people or organizations who are making the statements. Within the article "The End of Money" there is some telltale wording and 'catch phrases' that should set off alarm bells in any informed reader. I will call these 'philosophical fingerprints' or PFs.

PFs can reinforce an espoused position or they can function as a 'discordant note' in the "symphony" of thought. Where PFs are at odds with what the reader believes the author is saying it should set off alarm bells and be the 'clarion call' to start digging into just 'who' it is behind the 'what'. I will not say what PFs I found. That I leave to you to discover on your own. Most will not take the time. But, failure to do so, places the reader at the mercy of those people who who belive' rightly or wrongly, that the average American will not do the 'homework' necessary to provide themselves the knowledge for clear and considered thinking on the issue at hand.

Only when you know the 'who' part of the equation can you really begin to understand 'what' that person is saying.