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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

McDonald's and the Illegal Immigration Crisis

The standard disclaimer applies to this post. Please understand the difference between immigrants and ILLEGAL ALIENS.

The GOM visited a local McDonald's over the holidays. As I waited in the line, there was only one ahead of me, four different customers approached the counter with complaints about their orders. There were 5 or 6 people behind the counter screaming at each other in a language I didn't understand. It used to be that McDonald's used a lot of young people and even retirees to staff their stores. Not any more! The use the cheapest labor they can get. McDonald's employees used to try to get the orders right. Now they either don't care or can't tell the difference, or both.

The person ahead of me was served and then the register attendant joined the others in the screaming match. I was approached by a 70-75 year old lady who very nicely asked me why there was no one in the restaurant that spoke good English. I told her that I was not the person to answer that. She then stated that they should all move back to Mexico. I laughed and asked in a loud voice if there was anyone who could take my order. One of them broke away from the jibber jabber and took the order.

If ICE were to conduct raids on all the McDonald's I don't think there would be enough employees left to lock up the doors. There was not ONE Caucasian in this restaurant, which was in an upscale area of town, not in the barrio.

When will the population WAKE UP? These ILLEGAL ALIENS are going to find a way to VOTE! We need to have representation in DC that will stand up to the corporate lobbyists. Our politicians are SELLING our country.

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