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Monday, December 17, 2007

Topsy Turvey!

Well Folks, this week is SNAFU.

 To start with, the GOM Files was temporarily blocked cause some robot thought it might be a spam site! Can you imagine the GOM as a spammer? Well, maybe spam & eggs, but that's only when in dire straits.  I didn't know robots COULD think.

I'm moving on Thursday to a smaller apartment, but this one has a walk-in shower and is more accessible. The GOM can't get around like he used to. It also has tile floors in the area where I'm putting the computer and the kitchen. I can just roll to the coffee pot in my office chair. WHEEE!

Charter Communicaations will have to move the cable and internet service. THAT scares me. (read 1st post)

With all that's going on in the Presidential race, we all have to be careful not to get covered up with total BS. Democrats endorsing Republicans? Hang on!

More later, as I try to sort this all out.

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