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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ICE-Where are they when you need them?

Please understand that the following post is in reference to ILLEGAL aliens, what we used to call "wetbacks". I have the utmost respect for legal immigrants to this country. I respect the Mexican people. There was a time in my life I thought about moving to Mexico. I still would if not for the drug cartels and gangs. The Mexican culture and way of life is enviable. They know how to live and enjoy life.


I'm sitting at my window looking out at a dreary day. The complex where I live is doing some major renovations and there are workers outside everywhere. I would really like to see what would happen if a Border Patrol or ICE van drove by real slow. None of these workers speak English. If I thought ICE would do anything I'd call them.

It would be different if these people worked like wetbacks used to. Now they take their time and stand around a lot. Seems like it takes five of them to do what one would in the past I remember.

Wetbacks of old also were glad to be here. They appreciated what they got and either sent any extra money back to their families or saved it. They live quietly and were eager to work. They were respectful of laws, not wanting to attract attention to themselves.

The wetbacks today feel entitled to all the rights of citizens. They spend their money on drugs, beer, loud music, cars that bounce, pants that don't fit and hats that they wear backwards. They breed like rabbits so their offspring will be born here and some sympathetic liberals will not want to separate families.

Have you ever heard a quiet wetback? Why do they have to be so loud with their jibberish?

The reason they all come to work in one van is because only one can read the street signs.

Yes, they do hard manual labor. They are covering a block wall with stone in front of my apartment. It does look better. The problem is that I know two stonemasons that are out of work and bid on this job. They are local US citizens. Wonder why they didn't get the job?

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