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Monday, May 12, 2008

Bush encourages increase in illegal immigration!

The President has basically given the go-ahead for illegals to storm the border in 3 weeks. Drugs smuggling will also increase. That is the date he is pulling out the National Guard troops. They were supposed to be there until the Border Patrol had grown to 18,000. The Border Patrol is not there yet but Bush is pulling the Guard troops out anyway.

If I were someone smuggling illegals or drugs I would be overjoyed! "Hey guys, let's just wait until they leave the Border Patrol to handle it shorthanded."

This administration and the Presidential candidates have done NOTHING to secure our borders. Our justice department has prosecuted Border Patrol agents for doing their job and NOTHING has been done! We have a National Guard, but as I see it there is a question as to what nation they are guarding, Iraq, Mexico, or the US.

There was a segment on "60 Minutes" (you know, the extremely non-biased investigative voice of the far left) regarding the level of medical care afforded to illegals while being held in detention while waiting for deportation. 

We, the taxpayer are paying for this medical care and also the high costs of confinement for these illegals. One suggestion is to deport them as they are arrested instead of sending them to a detention center. We could also speed up the deportation process.

 Some of these illegals are even FILING LAWSUITS (with Obama a shoo-in the ACLU has to have something to do) for poor medical treatment. I assure you, the treatment they are getting is far superior to the treatment they could get in their own country. If they don't thinks so then they should just GO HOME!

Once again, I have nothing but respect for LEGAL IMMIGRANTS to our country. They are and have been contributing to the greatness of our nation. 

If someone comes here illegally, flaunting our laws, what kind of citizen could they be? They would not feel they have to wait in lines at restaurants, doctors offices or gas stations. They do KILL to get what they want and  in front of others. Yeah, we really want those people here.

I would like someone to declare Crawford, TX a sanctuary city.

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