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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Suggestion for Normalcy

The following was in response to a post on a forum suggesting that terrorism against the US would stop if only the US would abandon Israel.


I would suggest that we will be an enemy of Islam until we all accept Allah, regardless of what countries we support. The Islamic extremists only want to kill anyone not of their faith.

The nature of the universe is chaos. Chaos is only thwarted by intervention of mankind. The Islamists have promoted chaos for centuries. Remember the Turks slaughtering 1.5 million in the 14th ( I think) century. They have never been contributors to civilization, only takers. When is the last civil, scientific, medical, technological, or any other positive discovery you can recall coming from an Islamic nation?

Those that are guilty of being politically correct either have an agenda to allow Islamic takeover of the world or are in fear of Islamic reprisal. I am not.

I would think that we should TAKE one minute, twice a day while at work, school, wherever, and pray to our respective Judeo-Christian diety for the return of civilization to the world. We should all do this at the same time each day, together. While it's obvious our Congress won't listen to us, our President won't listen to us, our business leaders won't listen to us, there is One who will, and He is the One that can make a difference.

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