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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Our President promised us change if he were to be elected. Well, he has come through.

Aside from all the negative changes we are going through, there are a few positive ones as far as TheGOM is concerned. His constant shredding of the Constitution and stripping us of our rights has caused posssibly the most important change in this country since the passing of the Civil Rights Act. He has awakened the sleeping giant, the American people. The "Tea Parties" are continuing. Neighbors are getting together and starting to resist this eroding or our freedoms. There is a new wave of "community organizers" bringing people of like mind together. "WE THE PEOPLE" are beginning to wake up.

The news media has broken down. We no longer have fair and balanced coverage of the news. The networks and print have sold us out. They only report what is allowed by the administration. Any media not aligned with the administration is barred from coverage. FREEDOM OF THE PRESS is no more!

The new administation has also caused some personal changes for The GOM.
He has become politically active, joining a campaign to remove an incumbent member of the US House.
After a couple of near death experiences last year, The GOM has also become more active in his religion.
TheGOM is also learning a new language, out of a perceived need for self preservation. TheGOM is now also active in a local chapter of a group seeking to educate the nation to what is happening in OUR TIME, the death of a nation.
TheGOM has also been educating himself on international situations. The US has few allies. We don't need to anger them.

Now that TheGOM has his health back, he is thinking about getting a dog. Yes, TheGOM is getting back to a normal life. He now has family living in the same area code, friends that he would give his life for, and now a purpose in life. He will post more often, hopefully meaningful content, but probably just more ramblings of a grouchy old man. Stay tuned.

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