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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Academy-GREAT Customer Service

I went to an Academy Sports store last Friday. While I usually am typically the GOM, I am also fair. When I arrived at the store I was leery of trying to walk all the way to the back, where I needed to go. I can only stand or walk for about 10 minutes without having to sit and rest.

Well, I walked to the back and found the clerk at the counter was helping another customer with another 3 customers waiting. I asked a passing store employee if there was a place I could sit for a bit. He directed me to the outdoor patio section, rather curtly. I went there and sat for a spell. I then went back to the counter and found the clerk was still helping the same customer. As I couldn't stand up any more I left the store.

When I got home I called Academy's corporate customer service. This was late Friday afternoon. I suggested they have scooters available for their disabled customers as so many other stores do. I can shop at the grocery stores, Lowes, Walmart, Bass Pro, and many other retailers. I really believe that as America's population ages and becomes less mobile there will be a time when all stores will have the scooters.

Much to my surprise, at 8:05 on Saturday morning my phone rang. It was the manager of the local store. He was very nice and offered me a gift card. He was in agreement and said they would try to get some scooters. I assured him my suggestion was meant only as a suggestion and not a complaint, as it was. He said that he understood that and he still wanted to send me the card for my inconvenience.

Needless to say, if I can, I will shop there again. I do hope they get the scooters.

This is an example of great response to customers needs. Academy responds to comments quicker than ANY company I have dealt with. KUDOS!

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